Genre: Ethnographic and scenery films
Director: Alexander Sveshnikov
A disappearing nomadic nationality, lost in the centre of the East Sayani … In the beginning of the last century they were called the karagas people, and now – the tofalar people. The roots of this freedom-loving people can be traced back to the tribes of the Chinese Uigurs. Deprived of the habitual – nomadic - way of life, as the result of the occurred changes, the tofalars lost their experience in the taiga crafts saved up before by centuries. From here comes the total drunkenness and the extinction. Even the native language has remained only in the oral form … But there are people who believe that Tofalaria can revive. One of them is Lydia Ivanovna Rechkina, the chairman of the tribal community in a settlement named Verhnyaya Gutara.

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