The Fedoseyev Cross.

Genre: Ethnographic and scenery films
Director: Alexander Sveshnikov
The film is dedicated to the prominent Russian traveller and writer Grigory Anisimovich FEDOSEYEV. So many remarkable books as the Death will wait for me, the Evil ghost of Jambuja, Pashka from the Bear gull, etc. came out from under his pen. The special place in Fedoseyevs biography is occupied by the Sayani Mountains which up till nowadays remain one of the remotest and severest mountain ridges. Fedoseyevs ashes are buried under the highest peak of the central part of the East Sayani, Grandiosnij (Magnificent). The film crew passed along the Fedoseyev track up to the cross named after his name. The film presents memoirs of the daughter of the writer - Vera Grigorevna Fedoseyeva, his niece Irina Petrovna Antonova, the writer Victor Nikolaevich LOGINOV and other people.

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