The Third Version of the Second World War.

Genre: The films about war
Director: Eugeniya Golovnya
Why the third version? Because there is also a PERSONAL sensation of war. At 17 years old having left for it, at 85 years old you have the right to judge about the events which changed your destiny and the life of your country The film is made upon the diary records and the memoirs of the person who passed all the war - from a ships boy to a senior lieutenant, awarded by medals and awards of the Great Patriotic War - including For Defence of Sevastopol, For Defence of Odessa, For Fight on Caucasus and subjected to repression for a German origin and sentenced to spend in prison five long yearsIn the film the chronicle shots of the pre-war and the post-war period of the USSR, as well as the shots of the military newsreel are used.

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