The Head Engineer of the Soviet Union.

Genre: The film-portraits
Director: Eugeniya Golovnya
The name of Alexey Nikolaevich Kosygin is inseparably linked with the history of the formation of the economy and the industry in the Soviet Union. And in spite of the fact that his political career can be divided into three stages the Stalins, the Khruschevs and the Brezhnevs, its difficult to find a more consistent and influential politician of the USSR epoch than him. About his contribution to the industrialization of the country, its industry and economy, about the reforms put by him into practice, his political tastes and household habits his grand daughter T.D.Gvishiani-Kosygina, the minister of geology A.E.Kozlovsky, the personal doctor of Kosygins family A.N.Prohorov, the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre V.Pjavko and others come to narrate

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