Documentary cinema

Alpha and Omega

Genre: Cultural and Educational
Director: Eugene Krylov
Duration: three 26-minute film

Documentary series is dedicated to understanding and disclosure of the theme of Christian holidays in the context of the time (or , if you will, in the context of human life ) . This is a conceptual framework of our series.
As a modern man reflects on time, his life ? Most of the people have lost the fullness of life and the perception of time. We will talk about the high destiny of a man in the modern world . The theme of Christian holidays , as the most important events in the history of mankind , will help us to organize the on-screen narrative structure.
Single aspect - the influence of Christian holidays in the history of mankind as a whole, through painting, music , literature , theater and more. We'll give the viewer the ability to just learn the history, folk customs , etc.
However, the most important thing - to help people understand why he lives, as to the problems of the modern world, what to do and how to act in emergency situations - and all the examples of sacred history, recorded in the Christian holidays.

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