Documentary cinema

Cape of Good Wish. A Taste of Honey

Genre: Documentary
Director: Boris Amaray

Running time: 26 minutes

This is a film about ordinary people who once went to the edge of the world . Nine men and one woman arrived at the North Island of Novaya Zemlya , where in 2011 was created the reference point of the new national park " Russian Arctic" . Here on Cape Desire, they began work on clean-up , restoration outbuildings meteorological station and description of cultural and historical monuments of the Soviet era . The harsh climate of high latitudes , and the constant danger from polar bears to overcome inconveniences and hard work - that's what life on Cape Desire, but it attracts these people like the taste of honey . They do not consider themselves heroes - just live, work and have no idea how could it be otherwise.

Author Snezana Krasinskaya

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