Documentary cinema

Progress on Schedule

Genre: Cultural and Educational
Director: July Kuhn
Duration:52 min ( two portions of 26 min)
Part 1, " Chronicle of progress"
Part 2: "The Temple of engineering "

The film is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia
General sponsor of the film - JSC "Russian Railways"

Thank you for helping in making the film:
President of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin
Vice -President of JSC" Russian Railways " Morozov
Vice -President of JSC " Russian Railways " Atkov ,
Vice -President of JSC " Russian Railways " Meshcheriakova
Deputy Head of Corporate Communications Department JSC " Russian Railways " Zudin
Head of the October Railway JSC " Russian Railways " Vladimir Stepov
The Chief of Corporate Communications October Railway JSC " Russian Railways " Mininа
General Director of " Mostootryad19 " Barchevsky
Deputy Director Morozov
Deputy Sec. Ed. Magazine " Railway Business" Moskalyov Kostin
We also thank all the employees of the Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia.

Imagine a world of mechanisms , computers, and " plates " of past centuries. Where this world and how to get there?
How to find yourself in another dimension, where engineers and designers share the secrets of their inventions , and the brave pioneers of railways are invited to climb into a locomotive booth ?
Priceless models of bridges and train stations, transport equipment are rarities in Miniature Museum platforms and are registered in the old building at Russia , St. Petersburg, ul. Garden , 50 .
In the " special hall model " created by the storage layout of all major structures and mechanisms , the first exhibits were received in 1813.
In the middle of the XIX century, the departmental " Muzeum " was opened to the public. Now citizens of all classes visited the exhibition free of charge and without tickets . Here in lacquered display cases and frames are not canvases of painters and intricate mechanisms that help to study in detail the progress in the railway business in Russia .
In the twentieth century, the " special model room " has become a cultural institution nationwide values and gained national status.
The walls of the museum, like the giant scoreboard schedule , join the era of progress and the legendary characters of different ages.
World Museum - an interactive world of movement, the thousands of exhibits in 11 halls. Miniature rolling "museum depot" has 300 models and full-scale stock floor - 50 rare locomotives and wagons.
Today, a large wall map of the TSMZHT show how across the country stretched steel meridians and parallels Russian railways. Dashes of new highways updated drawing of the Russian railway network.
On the rails of steel goes into the path of progress and future prospects as reflected in the mirror of the Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia.















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