Documentary cinema

The Rite of Dying

Genre: A documentary film
Director: Ye. Golovnya

Duration: 39 minutes
Screen Writers: А. Kurayev and Ye. Golovnya
Тheme: Spiritual and Educational

No doubt, thinking of death worries every human. It is not accepted to talk about it. This topic is tabooed. Almost everyone is familiar with feelings of loss, grief and despair when a close person dies, with a feeling of anger with the destiny which leaves us without someone very dear, and with the denial to think about one’s own inevitability of death… Why are we going silent about these problems? This denial looks even more striking when we study ancient and pre-industrial cultures, where the attitude to death was completely polar to ours. There were rites, ceremonies, a psychological and perceptional preparation to this. A person summed up his life and bid farewell to those remaining and it was a part of both secular and spiritual traditions. Deacon Andrey Kurayev says: “We cannot do this without Church. There is death and a passage to death without Church. See what modern philosophy proclaims today: a human is born just to die later…”

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