Documentary cinema

Northern Dialogues. Two Poets

Genre: A documentary film
Director: R. Ismailov

A documentary film project presentation

Camera: Salekhard, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Region

This film is to be about North, about its main treasure: the spiritual culture of indigenous peoples populating it, about assuming a primordial world perception and how it is able to enrich us and make us look back at our roots.

The main hero of the film is LEONTIY ANTONOVICH TARAGUPTA, poet, philosopher, culturologist, collector and careful keeper of his Northern people KHANTYS’ culture.

He is going to be our guide to the world of the ancient Finno-Ugric mythology and realities forgotten by the European civilization, which were manifested in singing and other poetic and artistic creativity as original spiritual creativity of polar regions inhabitants.

Leontiy Taragupta is an interesting figure to us because he sees his purpose in bringing the almost unknown to the world spiritual heritage of the Khanty people to the context of the world culture. He is famous as a researcher in scientific circles of Estonia, Finland and Hungary. He graduated from Budapest University. His literary and musical creativity based on the ancient traditions, back from the Khanty cosmogonic myths, is unique. The latter as well as Leontiy Taragupta’s poems were waiting for their translator for a long time. The main difficulty was that the sacred realities and notions, with which the poet is dealing, are not known in the European world. To make an adequate translation, not only a mastership of a translator is required but also a perception of the world where nature is accepted as a divine space and time and not as objects for experimentation in order to derive material benefits. That is why it took a long time until such a translator was found.

Poet Konstantin Kravtsov who is born and lives in Salekhard, a graduate of the Literature Institute and a member of the Union of Russian Writers, the author of three volumes of poems and numerous publications in Russia, UK and USA, has become that translator. Today, Konstantin Kravtsov is the only translator of Leontiy Taragupta’s creations and ancient texts. The first translated publication of Leontiy Taragupta’s Poslovskiy Berth in central press in 90s has opened the literary future to Leontiy Taragupta. He was admitted to the Union of Writers and his poem had several publications in anthologies of poets of Polar Regions and the Far East.

Leontiy Taragupta still lives in Salekhard and continues tediously collecting everything related to the receding culture of his people. He sings too, accompanying his songs with instruments he made himself using ancient models.

Acquaintance with Leontiy Taragupta and work with his texts and unique Khanty heritage greatly influenced Konstantin Kravtsov, who started his own spiritual search and became an Orthodox believer and later – a priest at a church. Now he is Father Konstantin serving at the Church of Assumption, village of Myshkino, Mozhaysk Ditsrict, Moscow Region.

The reunion of Leontiy Taragupta and Konstantin Kravtsov after a 20-year break will be the central event of the film. The theme of the film will be the mutual enrichment of the two men, representatives of two cultures.

We will be able to hear the Khanty language, followed with an artistic translation.

We will open a previously unknown sacred world of the primordial Northern people and it will amaze us with differences, uniqueness and depths of our common values.

Today’s polar regions provide a rare possibility for not only taking their underground resources but also accepting their spiritual wealth, which may just disappear with its last carriers.

The Northern Dialogues project can be sequelled by presenting portraits of other indigenous people compared with people who came to live to these regions and accepted the North as their second motherland.

Next heroes can be Anna Nerkagi, a Nenets writer, who gave up the city comfort for tundra conditions of life, used by generations of reindeer herders, and Vasiliy Samburov, painter, who left Moscow for Salekhard to continue his artist work.

The main theme of the film is the mutual enrichment of the cultures. He, who shares treasures of his people, will enrich his people.

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