Documentary cinema

NERKAGI ("The Legend of The Blue Giants")

Genre: An educational film on culture
Director: Ekaterina Golovnya



Once upon a time a hunter was chasing a mountain deer. He got up on a cliff and drew his bow. All of sudden, he felt intensive thumping beat beneath his feet, as if an alarmed heart beat. The hunter was surprised and bent down to look. From a crack in a stone, a bright blue light lit the hunter’s eyes. Far down, in the depth, a live heart was beating. The crack began to narrow up until it completely shut.

The hunter understood that he saw the heart of a giant.

Even the oldest Nenets do not remember the times of the giants. Their teepees were covered with grass, flowers and berries. The giants were so high that they could reach the sky with their arms and take pure cold clouds to wash in the morning.

In the middle of the vast camp a huge fire burnt, never to be extinguished. It was a great fireplace. Each evening, children and old people gathered around it. They thanked the sun for warmth, the land for strength and riches. They brought generous gifts for the sun and the land. The giants were unable to get angry or cry. They always smiled. The kinder was a giant, the more radiant his smile was. They had no bad smiles at all. The girls’ smiles were like opening petals of ledum flowers.

Then, suddenly a trouble came. One of the giants did not return home from hunting. His body was found. It lay unmoving, pierced by many arrows, and there were lots o small angry-faced men crawling around. When they saw the giants they scattered away.

The giants tried to use their smiles to return their friend to life, to cause him to smile back, but he remained unresponsive.

The giants stood confused and their alderman said: “These tiny, like dust particles, people have a terrible force which is anger. We have to think much in order to find out how to win over this anger. Only then our kinsman will resurrect.”

All of them sat down touching each other’s shoulders. Those who did not have enough space around their great fire sat farther away making sure that they see everybody else’s face. The kids were placed on their laps.

The giants were thinking for a long time. The burden of thoughts made their heads fall on their chests. Their hair turned grey and their bodies turned rigid. Their teepees got overgrown with wild grass and the great fire died out because there was no one to rekindle it.

Time was flowing by like river waters. Years made centuries. The giants still sat unmoving. They were unable to find that word which could bring a smile to the lips of their fallen kinsman and win over the anger of the small people.

The bodies of the giants turned into stones and cliffs and only their hearts remained alive.

They say if people in trouble went to the mountains of the blue giants and asked for help, their live hearts inside the cliffs did help. They helped only kind and guileless people.











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