Documentary cinema

Z-Day Or The Day of Decisions

Genre: A documentary film
Director: E. Golovnya

Two episodes, 26 minutes each

Screen Writer and Director: Ye. Golovnya

Theme: Role of a Personality

The main character of the film story, Svetlana Vekshina, got used to take her own decisions since childhood, and not only her own decisions. She tries to find harmony in everything she comes across. In her search, oblivious, she often commits sins. First, it was while accruing material wealth, then, in love, both in spirit and lust. And finally, wandering in the maze of search for God: teachings and sects.

In the end she finds everything: real love, real God. She would shed material trash. It will happen at a dear price! This search, this way is the plot of the film.

Svetlana hates to accomplish things just for the sake of money. There should be a purpose. What is the money for? To bring it to the shrine for the glory of God. She has already erected a shrine in her heart. Now she wants to build a cathedral. Svetlana returns to business to raise money for the cathedral construction.

Svetlana’s life is closely interrelated with our country’s history. Almost entire film is a retro show. Following life of this small, delicate but courageous woman, viewers will travel back to the recent past of our country, which is almost forgotten by many.

Svetlana is a Russian Scarlett, who is a self-made person. In shaping themselves, such women also make history. Not following the flow of historical changes but to the contrary of them. Wherever she goes she must overcome obstacles. She found it interesting to study and create and also learn about her own self in the process. She has accomplished it.


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