Art cinema


Genre: A Psychological Drama
Director: Yegor Konchalovsky
Film concept authors: Inna Vasilieva and Victor Vasiliev
Screenwriters: Valentin Spiridonov, Darya Korosteleva
Duration: 100 minutes






At times of any Football World Cup contest, about two thirds of the population on five continents are gripped by a great passion which makes them believe that football is the first priority thing in their lives. At these times, it is something which is much more important than politics and pop-music brought together.

Football has special magic. It became a universal event connecting the entire world. The heart of football, its essence, is the forward man who is an attacking player. The forward palyer is a man who scores goals on the field and achieves targets in life, who strikes targets even in the destiny’s gate. Only a man who has the will, strength and character of the forward player achieves successful results.

The forward player is the lead character in our film about the most popular game in the world, a film showing how a countryside boy becomes a Hero. The film is based on real historic events. It starts with a portentous meeting of characters in modern times, in the 21st century… 

The film audience will see impressing scenes. The scenes will be created by filming in real streets and stadiums of modern supercities where huge crowds of football fans rush like fiery molten lava to the sports venues to see contest games.

To recreate the historic authenticity of 1945 realities, breathtaking computer graphic effects will be used in this motion picture production.

50 pct of the film storyline will be dedicated to recollections of real historic events that happened in 1945 and the other 50 pct will be a string of modern life events. Preparations for 2018 FIFA World Cup are intertwined in extraordinary ways with the history of the Proud Albion legendary football tour of 1945.

The theme of the formation of a young man’s personality under hard conditions, the theme of faithfulness to his dream, purposefulness, unity with his people along with its dearest expectations – all of this is the key to the future success of The Forward film project.  

The Forward will conquer the world!

Football is Life. The Forward is Victory!



In November 1945, Russian football followers witnessed some stunning victories which did not go unnoticed in the world. A tour of Moscow Dinamo, the USSR champion team, to the United Kingdom was triumphant: two victories and two games in a draw, resulting in the scored and missed goals ratio 19 to 9. Rivals of the Russian team were Chelsea and Arsenal players in London, whose names still plunge experts, rivals and fans into trepidation even now. The Dinamo victories were perceived as unbelievable breakthroughs. British teams had never lost to anyone on their home fields. Everyone in the land of soccer had had no doubt of the outcome of the tour. Everyone had anticipated an overwhelming defeat of the Russian team!

Moscow had doubts in the Russian victory, too. Nevertheless, the Dinamo chief coach Mikhail Yakushin had enough nerve to declare on the highest level that the team would make it through with honour.

The Dinamo arrival caused a true frenzy in Britain. The long and horrible war had just ended and everyone treated the victors as supermen. Russian players were regarded as ambassadors of peace. The fact of their arrival was even more impressionable to the fans than the final score on the board. 

The first hard-earned draw game with Chelsea players and a crushing defeat of Cardiff City Club team, 10 to 1, killed the complacency of the soccer country people and shocked political figures of the United Kingdom. Popularity of the leftist world view was in its peak and victories of Russian players could further promote it. British newspapers called the football defeats a national shame! They preyed the national sportsmen to teach those Russians a lesson!

In the tour’s final game in which the national British team was wearing Arsenal shirts came to the field to stand against the Dinamo. That team composition failed to help. During that hard and spectacular game, the Dinamo first went down a losing path, but later it found guts to get even and then win! That was a generation of sportsmen who had participated in the war combats and no one could break them down. 

One of the prominent players on the Soviet club list was Yevgeniy Arkhangelskiy. The love story of Yevgeni Arkhangelskiy and British reporter Elisabeth Davis plays out along the football historic events. Eventually, they go apart as well as the former allies, Russia and Britain, with the onset of the Cold War. They had never seen each other again but the story was not over.

In modern times, before the beginning of a game of the Russian and British national teams, two descendants of Yevgeniy Arkhangelskiy, a Russian and an Englishman, meet in a fervent fans’ street fight. When they learned about their ancestral ties they reset their intentions into pursuing an idea how to make Yevgeniy Arkhangelskiy proud of them and what they could do to make it so. 

And they did it. Two fan groups forgot the fist fight and began playing a passionate football game, the very game that unites millions of people. That football game footage intertwines with the footage from the past: the football game of Dinamo and Arsenal with awed fans on the bleachers, friendly handshakes after the game, now and in the past.











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